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Backup and Recovery

Planned backups of your data and ground-breaking recovery options

Désert représentant les services de soutien technique informatique pour les PME

Small daily tasks that will spare you many headaches

Your business needs more than a simple antivirus to protect its valuable data! With today’s complex infrastructures and targeted cyber-attacks, protecting your data has never been more crucial. Backing up and, above all, recovering data efficiently are essential tasks that will help you avoid disastrous consequences. When a disaster strikes, you need a fast and reliable backup and disaster recovery solution that will help you get your data back – FAST! FarWEB TI makes sure that the best cybersecurity and data storage practices are implemented within your company. You can therefore keep a peace of mind knowing that all your business data is backed up in several highly secure and efficient data centers in the Eastern Townships. In the event of a disaster or a computer hack, your systems can be restored in as little as 15 minutes. Don’t wait until you lose all your data to think about a backup solution!


IT disaster recovery through public, private or hybrid cloud configurations provides access to your infrastructure that is flexible, reliable, secure, and tailored to your needs. 

Sécurité de vos réseaux avec FarWeb

Don't let network failures stop your operations

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