Lost in the Wild West of IT?
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FarWEB TI specialized in TI services

We provide Tailored and Managed IT Services for Business

Computers, softwares and technologies can be a real challenge for entrepreneurs.

Managing an IT system is an additional task on the managers’ already busy schedule. Fortunately, FarWEB IT is there to provide technical support for the IT equipment and software the businesses need, according to their growth and needs. Located in Sherbrooke, Eastern Township’s main economic center, FarWEB IT is near you to fulfill all your IT requests.

Managed TI services for your business

FarWEB IT gives you access to the latest technologies.

FarWEB IT thoroughly analyses your needs and your IT systems.

FarWEB IT recommends the best options for your needs, so you can make an informed decision.

FarWEB IT rigorously monitors and protects your systems, developing a comprehensive and proactive security strategy. FarWEB IT will become your digital watchdogs!

Efficient backup and data recovery are essential to avoid disastrous consequences!

FarWEB IT is available for your users and operations with 24/7/365 technical support.

Your IT are a real Far West?

We will put them back on track.