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A team beyond all odds

FarWEB IT is a team of skilled technology specialists. It consists of certified technicians who comply with the standards and best practices of their respective fields and who undergo continuous training. With a B2B perspective focused on the industrial environment, our specialists stand out for their skills and their convivial approach when working with you. They will quickly become your most loyal partners!

Dali our Mascot

Dali, our mascot

FarWEB is certainly your digital watchdog, but Dali is our real watchdog, and especially our mascot! Don’t be fooled by its small size, Dali joined the big FarWEB family in 2017! He has an excellent sense of contact, he is overflowing with affection! You can usually find him in our office, in his basket, where he is waiting for his next job. His motto: “Woof woof! “Translated roughly to” I’m always hungry, don’t forget me please! ”

Notre loi

FarWEB se fait le devoir de vous servir avec diligence. Le regroupement de nos techniciens certifiés nous permet d’accroître la qualité de nos services et forme une équipe ferrée. Notre grand succès en Estrie repose toujours et uniquement sur le personnel attentionné et compétent qui, jour après jour, travaille à vous rendre la tâche plus facile avec vos TI.

Cheval représentant le soutien en informatique pour les entreprises

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our team. If you are interested in the FarWEB IT experience, contact us today!