Our Values

Success, a team effort

In a business, success is a team effort. At FarWEB IT, we agree. That is why, above all, our customers are our partners because our success is directly linked to our clients’. Each FarWEB IT expert is guided by values of professionalism, leadership and integrity.

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In this ever-evolving field, we do everything we can to update our knowledge and to answer customers’ various demands whatever the challenge. We make sure to produce quality work that will exceed your expectations. We work with the utmost discretion, on time and within budget. FarWEB IT: anything is possible!


We are committed to be your IT support in your daily operations 24/7/365 and to provide only the best products and services. With a positive attitude and focused on problem solving, our employees are always available to set up efficient and creative solutions.

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Our guiding principles encourage respect, honesty, equality and, above all, our customers’ private life in order to build a trustworthy relationship with our customers. Our IT expertise complements our customers’s skills in their field. With the combination of our respective strenghts, we will reach the top!

Our philosophy

Flexibility, Availability, Proximity. FarWEB IT.